Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Download Sweet Sex And Love

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A girl, bored with her current relationship, dumps her boyfriend and starts a new relationship. The new relationship goes well and they move in together, but things start to go downhill.

I really like serious, "artsy," South Korean romance movies. This one, like Gojitmal (Lies), is heavy on the skin if you know what I mean *nudge nudge*. The relationship in the movie is sort of the archetype of most relationships. In the beginning, things are new and exciting. The girl is vibrant, full of life, and those around her can tell. The two are like rabbits hoping around. As the relationship continues, the energy of the two wears down and things just don't have the magic that they once did. They're settling down. They begin wanting other things, and there's a feeling that things have changed between the two. She realizes she has become bored with him. If it weren't for all the sex scenes, which are nice, this would be much better.